SELECT Membership Guide

Congratulations once more on your acceptance into the SELECT community. On behalf of the SELECT team and your fellow members, we are pleased to have you among us. Below are some important things to know as you get started. Please do not hesitate to contact the Concierge should there be anything else you need.
Your Membership: Your membership began as soon as you were accepted into SELECT. You can now browse and redeem the full range of benefits available to SELECT members, all of which can be found on our website as well as on our iPhone and Android applications.
Your Concierge: The SELECT Concierge is your personal guide to all things SELECT. The Concierge is available to help with things like arranging reservations with SELECT partners, answering questions about your membership, taking suggestions for new partners, and making personalized recommendations for restaurants, hotels, and entertainment options both in your city and around the globe.

You can reach the SELECT Concierge:
  • On the Web: By clicking on the question mark logo on the bottom right-hand corner of your browser when logged into the SELECT website.
  • On iPhone: By selecting the “Concierge” tab in the menu bar on the bottom of the mobile application.
  • On Android: By clicking the menu button on the top left-hand corner of the mobile application and selecting “Concierge”.
  • Via Email: By writing [email protected].
Your Benefits: SELECT benefits never expire and are available whenever you want to use them, and as often as you want to use them. The following is an overview of the redemption process for different types of benefits. Please be sure to check the individual benefit pages for more details.

  • Dining & Nightlife: All dining reservations and nightlife access must be arranged through the SELECT Concierge. Should a venue neglect to automatically provide your benefit, please notify a server and be prepared to show proof of membership. You can do this either by presenting them with your SELECT Card, or by presenting a digital copy, which can be found by visiting the venue’s page in the app and pressing “Show Card”.
  • Travel, Entertainment & Lifestyle: Due to the wide range of options, the redemption process may vary. Please check the individual benefit pages for details.
  • Movie Tickets: SELECT members are able to purchase movie tickets at a steep discount to face value. Since the tickets will take a few days to arrive in the mail, we recommend buying in bulk so that you have them ready and waiting any time you decide to go see a film.
  • Member Events: The majority of member events require RSVP’s, made by clicking the “RSVP” button on the corresponding event page on the SELECT website or mobile app. Guest ticket information and pricing (which may vary from event to event) can be found on the individual event pages as well.
Your Referrals: For every friend you refer that is accepted into SELECT, you will receive a $50 dining credit. This credit can be redeemed by emailing the Concierge with a photo of the receipt from a recent meal of $50 or more at any SELECT partner restaurant. A $50 credit will then be applied to the default credit or debit card on your member account. This credit should reflect on your bank statement within 10 business days. We pay special attention to those applicants recommended by our members.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Enjoy!