Mountain Waterfall & Alpine Village Tour

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The Essentials

Get a taste of the Pacific Northwest’s amazing natural scenery during a guided tour
Visit the mountain town of Leavenworth, and drive through several pristine passes and canyons
Check out 3 of Washington’s famed waterfalls, including the historic Snoqualmie Falls
Kick back and relax while taking in the incredible scenery of the Pacific Northwest

About this Activity

Ah, nature. A 3D adventure that requires no additional glasses! During this highly engrossing guided tour, you’ll enjoy round trip transportation from Seattle for a loop around some of Washington’s most scenic views. You’ll begin with Stevens Pass, home to Bridal Veil and Deception Falls, and drive along the Little Wenatchee River through Tumwater Canyon. Arriving in Leavenworth, you’ll stop to stretch your legs and enjoy some of this quaint mountain town’s engaging hospitality. Then it’s onto Blewett Pass and Snoqualmie Pass, before arriving at Washington’s most popular waterfall, Snoqualmie Falls. They should make a movie about this tour. Then again, forget it -- it could never live up to the real thing.

SELECT Price: $220.50
Duration: 11 hours

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