Frequently Asked Questions


What is Select?

Select is the next-generation Black Card, Concierge, and Membership Community. We provide our illustrious community with exclusive benefits at a curated group of partners that represents the best in dining, nightlife, entertainment, travel, retail and over 1.6 million locations around the world and online. Members also gain access to a full service, live-chat concierge available wherever they go in addition to exclusive invitations to our lineup of Members-only events. Select is the largest benefits network and community of its kind in the US. Members must be invited to join or apply in order to access our exclusive suite of premier perks and privileges.

What are you looking for in a Member during the application process?

All prospective Select Members fill out basic biographical, education, income, and employment information that helps us determine general fit for membership. While each step of the application is important, no one section is the sole deciding factor. When we receive an application, we evaluate it holistically to determine fit for membership. While our membership is designed to be affordable, best leveraging Select requires disposable income so that is a key criteria. Bonus points are awarded for community fit, exceptional career achievements, and philanthropic involvement.

Pro tip: Fill out the “Additional information” section of the application to let our team know why you’d make a great addition to our Community.

What are the benefits of Membership?

You can peruse individual benefits here or browse a sampling of benefit categories below:

Dining & Nightlife: Select's curated list of dining and nightlife options represent the best of the best in each city, suburb, and travel destination you’d find yourself in. Better yet? Nab a last minute reservation and hook you and your friends up with VIP treatment, pricing, and benefits. These benefits range from a complimentary round of drinks or a percentage off the bill, to guest list access and table deals.

Select Hotels: Far surpassing even some of the most infamous black cards, Forbes calls Select's hotel rates "Unbeatable" with nearly 1.3 million properties around the world offering up to 60% off the best publicly available rate exclusively to Members. Save an average of $90/night with Select Hotels to take your vacations to the next level. Participating brands include Hyatt, W Hotels, Kimpton, Standard, Marriott, Hilton, Intercontinental, St. Regis, Four Seasons, and more. These rates are protected by private rate agreements but contact us via live chat if you have specific trips coming up or if you’d like a preview. If someone isn’t available via live chat our team will respond within 24 hours.

Lifestyle & Retail Brands: Gyms and spas and shopping and more. Select has the products, services and brands you love - at insider pricing you've come to deserve. BMW, Bose, Tumi, Brooks Brothers, bliss spa, Crunch gym, Lexus, Audi, Maui Jim, Tumi, Citizen, and more can be yours for less.

The Select Concierge: Outsourced call centers? Not here. Our Concierges all live, work, and play in Select cities, giving you access to the best reservations and personally curated recommendations here and around the globe. We'll help you set up the perfect date night, plan your dream vacation, or grab the best table for one of your corporate power lunches. With Select, you’ve got people for that.

Select Events: Private dinners, gallery openings, yacht cruises, annual soirées, social nights, rooftop parties, and more await your elevated social life with Select. Network with the Community, enjoy unique experiences, or just have a few cocktails with friends. Make sure to keep an eye out for our largest Select signature events, including New York and LA Fashion Week, Art Week, Miami Music Week, and the Emmys Pre Party, among others.

Digital Events: You can start your week out with yoga and meditation, join us for an exclusive speaker series with thought leaders, learn how to craft cocktails or cook from top professionals, or get your sweat on from your living room.

What is the cost to become a Member?

Select Membership is currently $495/year. Members receive instant and unlimited access to all of our benefits, events, and The Select Concierge via our website, members-only mobile app for iPhone & Android, and, of course, the Select Card.

Members are typically grandfathered in at the rate at which they join. Even as membership prices increase, your fee will not.

How do I become a member?

The application for your Select Membership can be found on our homepage. If accepted, you will be notified via email with all relevant information to get you started with your Membership. Waitlisted Members will also receive an email, with an opportunity to reapply for Membership at a later date.

A referral from an existing Select Member or Partner will increase your odds of acceptance but they are not required.

Is Select a credit card?

The Select credit card is currently under development! Active Members will receive first access to the industry-leading Select World Elite Mastercard. The card combines Select's elite benefits with a leading cash back, making it the most powerful card on the market.

However, in the meantime, the Select Card is not its own independent credit card. The Select Card is first and foremost your proof of Membership and a physical manifestation of our Community. The Select card can, however, be linked to any current method of payment that you are already using making it the ultimate payment tool. Not only will you continue to receive the points accrued on your current card as normal, but you'll gain access to Select's rewards which occur without limits.

Why do I have to enter my credit card info on the application?

If accepted, your credit card will be used to pay the $495 annual Membership fee. If you're not accepted, you will not be charged.

We review each application individually and we have received over 200,000 applications to date. We want to ensure that each applicant is committed to join if they are accepted.

What do you do with the information provided on the application?

The information submitted in your application is used by the Select Membership Selection Team to determine whether you would be a good fit for our Community. The information submitted is never shared with any third party and is safeguarded using the latest in online security.

Is there a minimum age requirement to be a Select Member?

Select is now available to approved applicants ages 18+. However, it is important to note some local benefits include complimentary rounds of drinks, and patrons must be 21 and older to enjoy those benefits.

We recommend that applicants less established in their careers highlight their pursuits, interests, and unique achievements using the extra information section of the application. Of course, a referral from an existing Member is also weighted.

Where can I use Select?

Select Benefits are available globally. In fact, one of our most popular features, Select Hotels, features exclusive rates at over 1 million properties across the globe. Activities are now also available globally with more than 7000 participating locations spanning from California and Florida to Florence and Osaka. The majority of Select lifestyle, travel, and business benefits are also available nationally or globally.

Select has a local network of curated Partners and benefits representing the best in dining, nightlife, and entertainment in New York, Washington DC, Miami, Broward & Palm Beach Counties (FL), Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Orange County, San Diego, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Phoenix & Scottsdale, New Jersey, Long Island, Nashville, Boston, Philadelphia, Tulum, Montreal, and Connecticut.

We are adding additional markets for these benefits rapidly based on market demand and current Member requests.