Tandem Skydive - Weekend + Ultimate Video Package

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The Essentials

Experience a 30-40 second tandem free-fall from two miles up, alongside an experienced and licensed instructor
Get your adrenaline-fix with this heart-pounding, exhilarating free-fall
Feel the rush while you take in a spectacular, steadily-growing view of Austin
Enjoy a complimentary beer after the jump, and then relive the experience with photographs and a high definition video of the jump taken by an accompanying photographer

About this Activity

fill me inaWhat is the past tense of skydive: skydived or skydove? Find out and let us know after you jump with Skydive Temple. Sign up for this tandem jump and feel the wind in your hair as you fall from an airplane two miles high. You will be assigned an instructor to join you on your adventure, guiding you from the jump all the way to a cold Shiner Bock waiting for you at the drop zone. With the Ultimate Video Package, a photographer will also jump with you to capture your flight through the air. Afterward, you’ll receive pictures and a high definition video so you can show your bravery to your family and friends. So get off your butt and into the sky -- cross skydiving off your bucket list today!

SELECT Price: $369.00
Duration: 1 hours

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