Nunzio Saviano Salon

Nunzio Saviano is one of New York’s top stylists. A master craftsman when it comes to hair, Nunzio Saviano is the rare artist able to combine artistic vision with precise execution. He has refined his craft for over 20+ years yet is equally passionate today about creating personalized styles that look incredible in the salon and at-home. His latest hair innovation, OXILOGICA puts an emphasis on hair and scalp wellness with exclusive treatments and plant-and-herbal based elixirs and formulas crafted in Milan Italy exclusively for Nunzio Saviano Salon. The first of its kind, the OXILOGICA in-salon treatment is a “facial for the hair and scalp,” detoxifying, reviving and nourishing for intense, immediate benefits. Whether it’s the cut, color or simply “hair of your dreams,” Nunzio Saviano is the hair haven on the Upper East Side that can help you achieve your goals.