Liquivida Lounge

Located in Broward, Liquivida Lounge offers nutrient IV therapy, natural energy boosters, and aesthetic medicine in a relaxing spa setting, so you can rehydrate, replenish, and revitalize.

All Liquivida Lounges feature Bose® noise canceling headphones, zero gravity massage and lounge chairs, as well as a private VIP room with soothing mood lights and your own flat-screen TV. They also offer ways to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance through better nutrition and anti-aging solutions including Disport™ and Botox®. Their IV vitamin drips fight chronic fatigue, stress, seasonal allergies, as well as mental and physical exhaustion, giving you more control over your health. All Liquivida clients report to have stronger immune systems, improved mental focus, and more energy to exercise regularly and live a productive life.