Kivelstadt Cellars

Kivelstadt Cellars was founded for their love of amazing California vineyards. After leaving a career in consulting in his early twenties, Jordan Kivelstadt traveled the world making wine in California, Australia, Chile, and Argentina.

In 2007, Jordan made 125 cases of Syrah from his family's vineyard. He drew inspiration both from his winemaking experiences in the new world and his family’s passion for European cuisine, art, and culture. Their focus is exploring incredible California vineyards, with a nod toward the rich history and balance of the old world wines that came before us.

Since the inaugural 2007 vintage, their production has grown to 5,000 cases annually. They are currently distributed in more than 25 states, and continued breaking the mold - opening California's first Wine Garden in 2020. They continue to create wines, and now food, that maintain a fun, approachable and accessible style, while challenge the status quo of California winemaking.