Nora Sermez Jewelry

Nora Sermez creates jewelry for people who love art.

Everything shipped from their studio is handmade using the highest quality materials including GIA-certified center stone diamonds, 14K and 18K recycled gold, plus responsibly sourced platinum.

In 2018, Nora set up a studio in Scottsdale, Arizona where she now works closely with a small team of master jewelers who have decades of experience crafting jewelry for David Yurman and Tiffany’s. Together, they look to fight the growing trend towards homogeny in the fine jewelry and bridal industries and create timeless pieces that are dainty, but not brittle… elegant, but not un-original and imaginative, but not cliche.

Nora Sermez has been recognized by publications such as Glamour, Vogue, Essence, and Vanity Fair.