NY Oyster Week - Ostra Libre

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When : Friday, September 27th @ 6pm Where: Mailroom
  110 Wall Street
  New York, NY 10005

The Essentials

You are invited to this 1st Annual, First EVER, Mexican Oyster Showcase featuring every ultra-premium Mexican Oyster we could get our hands on. Why? Because these are the among the best, most exotic and least known oysters in the world. And because Mexico’s Pacific Coast is now producing some of the best oysters you can find, anywhere. Several aquaculturalists there are focused on growing two species of oysters in these cold, pristine waters. Sikamea (aka ‘Kumamoto") and Gigas (aka Pacific Oysters). And now, for the first time ever, these outstanding Pacific Coast Mexican Oysters will be featured en Una Fi-Oysta! Grande!
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