Mt. Saint Helens - Cave & Lava Tube Tour

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The Essentials

Explore the aftermath of the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens during a guided tour
Learn about the catastrophic eruption and its environmental impact firstand
Walk the “Trail of Two Forests” and venture inside an underground lava tube
Enjoy a scenic expedition that will be both informative and great physical exercise

About this Activity

This Mount St. Helens tour is totally tubular. Well, not totally. But there’s definitely a tube. During this guided tour around the base of the infamous volcano, you’ll get a fascinating look at the residual aftermath remaining years after its catastrophic 1980 eruption. With a topsoil that is just now rejuvenating following Earth-scorching lava flows, you’ll be able to check out both buried growth and newly formed vegetation. In doing so, you’ll walk a quarter mile along the flat boardwalk known as the “Trail of Two Forests.” And, for those not afraid of the dark, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the inside of a now partially collapsed lava tube that descends deep into the earth. So, partially tubular.

SELECT Price: $423.00
Duration: 11 hours

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