Intro to Flamenco

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The Essentials

Become confident in the basics of flamenco dance technique, movement phrases, and flamenco rhythm
Learn a broad understanding of this Spanish folk dance and its origins in Spanish culture
No experience necessary

About this Activity

Song, guitar, dance, handclaps, and... Zorro? Sound like Flamenco? This class is designed for anyone new to the Spanish folk dance, flamenco. Here, you’ll go through the basics of flamenco technique, movement phrases, and flamenco rhythm. As you attain a broader understanding of the dance and its origins, you’ll familiarize yourself with the soft, energetic beats, the subtle spins, and the essential handclaps. Finally, dance away the day and find your Zorro... or wait, take off your mask, are you Zorro?

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Duration: 1 hours 30 minutes

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