Tandem Skydive + Video and Still Pictures - Weekend

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The Essentials

Experience the thrill of a lifetime as you parachute through the air
Feel secure as you make the fall strapped to an experienced instructor
Jump out of an airplane for an unforgettable adventure and a rush of freedom
Get a photo or video taken to capture your incredible experience

About this Activity

Canonball! No, wait, we’re not talking about that kind of diving… Skydiving is one of the most adrenaline-induced activities out there, and YOU can try it out for yourself! You’ll be guided by a licensed instructor as you are taught safety precautions, ascend in the plane, and make the jump! Free fall in midair and get a rush of freedom as you feel the cold air hit your face. You’ll also get photos and videos taken during your exciting journey to capture your fall! But seriously, don’t cannonball, okay?

SELECT Price: $279.00
Duration: 1 hours

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