The Essentials

In June 2018, this Peruvian inspired restaurant first opened as Ceviche Bowl, a renowned Chef-Driven Peruvian eatery in Miami, serving exceptional Peruvian cuisine within a 27-foot kitchen trailer. Fast-forward to 2021, PLATEA Peruvian Steakhouse and Ceviche Bar is born. A beautiful, intimate setting featuring a diverse menu, professional yet relaxed service and a conscious commitment to green practices.

"A Prime Culinary Experience" Is the beautiful mind-set, that echoes in which our philosophy has emulated throughout the heart and soul of PLATEA. With its many quirks and imperfections, Miami's rawness, creative energy and eclectic vibe is why the duo chose the neighborhood of Pinecrest as PLATEA's first home. ​

Address: 12175 South Dixie Highway
Pinecrest, FL 33156
Phone: 305.964.5108

Hours Closed
6:00PM - 10:00PM
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