Fins & Scales

The Essentials

Fins and Scales utilizes the highest quality fish available, and seasoned sushi chefs, to create an intimate multi-course experience that is truly one of a kind. This exclusive Omakase features a Sushi Bar with only 8 seats, where your 75-minute timed experience takes you through small plates, nigiri, and handrolls, prepared one at a time by your chef. The experience is complimented by their craft selection of handmade cocktails, imported sake, and rare Japanese Whiskeys. Proceeds from your Omakase experience go to help benefit Chabad Loft and Kavanah Space in their efforts to provide a rich Jewish experience to those living in the Greenwich Village area. Every Omakase helps to create a greater sense of community, joy, and dynamic Judaism in Downtown Manhattan. Fins and Scales Omakase is located inside the Chabad on 10 East 8th Street in Manhattan. They are currently open only on Thursday evenings and are certified by the Chabad itself. Their Omakase features only fish, includes no meat or dairy products, and is strictly supervised for its Kosher status.

Address: 10 East 8th Street
New York, NEW YORK 10003
Phone: 347.997.1615

Hours Closed
5:00PM - 11:00PM
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